Strength is a Choice

Método DeRoseStrength is a choice, choose strong!

This not only applies to physical fitness it applies to all areas of life.


Short and simple exercise

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I wanted to write a quick post about how to get motivated when you really don’t want to workout. Sometimes it’s a lack of motivation,  lack of time, boredom, feeling tired, not seeing enough results , or just plain not wanting to work out. Lately I have been tempted to make excuses for not working out. A simple way that I motivate myself  when I am feeling this way is by telling myself that I will only do only 10 minutes of light activity. This helps me feel like “Ok, I  can do this since it’s so short and simple”. By the time the 10 minutes are up, it becomes much easier to go for another 10 minutes then another, or to go for something more intense.  Even if you do stop at 10 minutes, it is always better than nothing at all. Some movement is better than no movement. It might seem like it is only 10 minutes, but those minutes can really add up and go a long way towards reaching your fitness goals. .

It is also very easy to squeeze in only 10 minutes of physical activity when you have a very busy schedule. It can either be a walk, a jog, a short workout DVD, or anything that you enjoy and gets you moving. If you are just beginning to exercise, starting small has greater chances for better results in the long run.