Motivation for today and LA Fit Expo 2012

One of my favorite quotes, this is for when we make excuses not workout or do anything because we feel like we do not have time, money, or resources. If you do not go to a gym there are plenty of things you can do at home for free. You can go online and find plenty of free workouts available or find books that have workout guides. I used to think that If I did not go to the gym I would never get fit. That is not true you can get fit with or without a gym. I personally prefer to workout at home for the convenience and I have found plenty of bodyweight only exercises to get a good workout. If you do go to a gym that is excellent too, it is all about working with what you have.

The Los Angeles Fitness Expo was insane . I had a lot of fun, got a crazy amount of samples and got to meet and take pictures with a few fitness personalities.

Jay Cutler- Mr. Olympia

This guy was pressing close to 1000 lbs.

Jamie Eason, sweetest person ever.

Jay Cutler. He was so big, I couldn't fit in the shot. Lol. 🙂