To Count or Not To Count

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe


Counting calories without regard to the quality of the food you are eating will not do much in helping you with any weight loss goals.  You can’t try to lose weight by watching your calories and eat processed junk foods all day. It is the difference between eating 500 calories in chips and candy or 500 calories in lean protein and vegetables. You are skipping essential nutrients and sabotaging your metabolism which is critical when trying to lose weight. There are many foods that you can include in your diet to help speed up your  metabolism,  lose body fat, and stay feeling full longer.



Which is Best: Trainer, App or Gym?


So I have been wondering about how many people use workout apps to get their exercise in or do they go to the gym, or just workout at home . This was an interesting short article about using apps, a gym or a trainer. Personally I like to go to a gym because you can’t beat the advantage of being able to use heavy weights. When I want to mix things up from gym boredom I like to use a workout app, like the ‘Your Are Your Own Gym App’. Check out the article.

Strong is the New Skinny

Shape Magazine

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So I am trying to come up with phrase to say to people when they ask me or tell me to eat everything or to eat junk food because they will say “but you are not fat”. Sometimes it’s hard to explain to people the reason for “dieting” when your goal is not to be skinny or just to lose weight, instead your goal is to gain strength, to gain muscle and to have  good health. I do not really see it as dieting I see it as it’s just the way that I eat to support my health and my fitness goals. Sure it is hard and I do cheat every now and then, but I do not see the point in eating junk food or processed food because it has ZERO nutritional benefits and it is more harmful to your health than it is not. I get criticized  all the time for this, for example for not eating white rice or white bread. I choose to not eat these things because they have no nutritional benefits, instead I eat brown rice and whole wheat bread.

The 10 Best Workout Videos on YouTube – Shape Magazine

Image via Shape Magazine

If you are looking for some workouts that you can do at home for free, here is a link to Shape Magazine’s picks for the top 10. All of them are free and they are for everybody from beginners to advanced, you just have to find the one you like. I really like bodyrock and do many of their workouts on a regular basis, and you can really get fit just working out at home. Some require  equipment, but they usually offer modifications if you dont have any equipment.

The 10 Best Workout Videos on YouTube – Shape Magazine