Which is Best: Trainer, App or Gym?


So I have been wondering about how many people use workout apps to get their exercise in or do they go to the gym, or just workout at home . This was an interesting short article about using apps, a gym or a trainer. Personally I like to go to a gym because you can’t beat the advantage of being able to use heavy weights. When I want to mix things up from gym boredom I like to use a workout app, like the ‘Your Are Your Own Gym App’. Check out the article.



3 thoughts on “Which is Best: Trainer, App or Gym?

  1. As a health/fitness behavior specialist, I encourage all of the above! Sometimes clients can only afford a trainer for a short amount of time – or maybe only once or twice a week. Being able to work with my clients and the apps they enjoy has been great fun!!! Plus, I love being able to track clients’ food in myfitnesspal or Recovery Record.

    My advice – use all three!!!

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